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I need help using Lightful
I need help with the inspiration section
I need help with the inspiration section
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This is where you can start and participate in conversations important to your cause. You can search Twitter by #hashtags, @mentions and keywords close to your organisation.

It’s useful for building your followers, to increase engagement and keep your finger on the pulse.  Even spending 20 minutes a week here, you’ll be able to participate in and create conversations with potential new supporters. 

Find features includes in Inspiration at the bottom of each posts:

You can follow, like, retweet, reply to and quote a tweet in seconds.

Follow: if the icon is highlighted in blue means you're following them.  When using the inspiration browser, you can easily follow new accounts by clicking on the icon. 

Like: one click away to show you find relevant their posts. 

Retweet: you can retweet immediately or scheduled for another better time for you.

Reply: start having conversations and be more participative.

Create: option to use the copy content on your new upcoming posts and publish it across your social media channels, not only as a tweet. 

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