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I need help with my social media
Why should I use a social media management platform?
Why should I use a social media management platform?
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Social media has a vast audience with people from all demographics who are creating, posting, liking, sharing and engaging with content.

Social media allows charities to tell people about the work they do, how they are making a difference, and the kind of support they need. Charities who share good content on social media are able to reach hundreds, thousands or even millions of people, meaning that they can scale up communications at little cost.

Secondly, social networks are very popular and it makes sense for charities to be present where these interactions are happening.

Here’s how to think about each platform: 

  • Facebook - personal and engaging storytelling content 

  • Twitter - start and participate in conversations that matter through real-time engagement, interaction and trending hashtags 

  • LinkedIn - professional opportunities, networking, reaching senior stakeholders

  • Instagram - community building and storytelling

Social media has an audience of over 39 million people in the UK alone. It might seem like an obvious thing to mention, but not all of these people will engage and interact with you in the same way. We would recommend creating personas for each group of people you’re trying to reach. A persona is a sketch or a rough outline of a key segment of your audience.

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