How do I create a user persona?

You might have heard us talking about user personas before - here's a handy guide on how to create user personas that work for you!

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There are many sources of information on your audience. Here are three places to start:

1. Check your analytics

See where your visitors came from, what keywords they used to find you and how long they spent once they arrived. This can reveal the desires that led your audience to your site as well as the tools they used to get there. 

2. Involve your team

Get your extended team together, including marketing, fundraising, tech team and any people who directly deal with the problem your organisation is dealing with. Anyone who interacts with customers or customer data should be involved in sharing their perspective on what makes your customers tick. 

3. Social media research

Use social media to ask questions or interact with your content by answering a question

Next, you'll want to bring your persona to life so it's relatable and useful. 

Give your persona a name and a job title 

Giving your persona a real name and role helps anchor them in reality. Using a real person is even better.  Describe their demographics, relationship with your charity, and the basics about the campaign.

Identify their needs 

You want to try to identify needs for the persona. What do they really want? What decisions will they make? These questions help you focus on delivering content for your targeted personas. 

Positive trends 

What are the positive trends the persona experiences in their life or external environment?

Opportunities and Interests 

What are positive opportunities the persona experiences in their life or environment? This could be in both a professional and personal context.


What hopes does the persona have for the future?

Negative trends 

What are negative trends the persona experiences in their life or environment?


What are negative headaches the persona experiences in their life? 


What fears does the persona have for the future?


What is their motivation to make a donation to your charity?  

What type of stories or content will capture their attention and inspire a donation?

What are their preferred channels for giving?

Social media 

What social media channels do they use and what needs does it fulfil?

Where do they hang out on social media? What type of user are they? 

What type of information is being sought on social media channels?

Example Persona 

Name: Justice Warrior Jess

Age: 25-35 

Location: West London

Job: Lawyer

Politics: Labour

Positive Trends/What Motivates her: Loves her job. Wants to launch her own practice one day. 

Fears/Headaches Negative Trends: Worried about Brexit and about not being able to afford property

Donations: Something different. Wants an organisation with real sustainable change. Keen to set up a regular donation. Would also be happy to volunteer to share a passion for justice and women’s rights. 

Social Media: Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn

Objectives/Measurable Results: Makes a donation, regularly likes our posts, does a small scale challenge event, donates her birthday via Facebook Fundraiser

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