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What's a content calendar and how do I create one?
What's a content calendar and how do I create one?
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A content calendar is a shareable resource that you can use plan your marketing activities. It'll help you to visualise how your content is distributed throughout the year. 

This allows you to: 

  • Plan content around key events or important dates

  • See where you have gaps in your content plan, with plenty of warning to line up more content

  • Make sure you have your content ready in plenty of time to publish

Step 1

Identify your topics/audiences by creating your personas.

Step 2 

Collect your content assets and include:

  • Images of team activities or fundraising events can be used 

  • Graphic assets - you might want to use a free tool like Canva 

  • Stories from those who have been or are currently receiving help from your organisation

  • Artwork, poems, models created during sessions run by your organisation or by those who you are working with

  • Videos of your team sharing expertise or their stories as to why they are working for your organisation

Step 3

Schedule, publish, promote, track and tweak any content. Have regular editorial planning meetings to plan the next publishing period, either monthly or quarterly.

Get more information about content calendar here.

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