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My Facebook account isn't connecting
My Facebook account isn't connecting
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Due to the way Facebook have structured their permissions system, the way we link Lightful to a Facebook page is by obtaining a "key" from a user who has permission to manage and post to the Facebook page. We can't access or save any personal profile information for this user, but we use their "key" to access the Facebook page and post to that page on their behalf. This is why our users must be logged into a personal Facebook account to link a page, and the personal account must have permission to manage the page.

To resolve this problem, you'll need to use a different personal profile (such as your own) which has this permission to link the page to Lightful.

To give a user the correct permissions for posting, they need to be either an Editor or Admin on Facebook. You can assign this role by going to your page on Facebook, then to the page settings, and then selecting the 'Page Roles' section. 

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