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My Facebook page isn't listed when I try to connect it
My Facebook page isn't listed when I try to connect it
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If your Facebook Page is not listed when connecting a Facebook page to Lightful, it means that Lightful does not have permission to connect your Page. To fix this, you'll need to reauthorize Facebook and adjust a couple of settings. 

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to Facebook and head to Business Integrations

2. You should see the Lightful app listed on the page. Click on the [ ] to the right of the Lightful app to select the app

3. You will then see a “remove’ option pop up. Click this and then you will be asked if you'd also like to "Delete your Lightful Partners Platform account and activity."  There is also an option to “Also delete all posts, photos and videos on Facebook that Lightful Partners Platform may have published on your behalf”. It is important to leave this unticked, unless you really do want to delete any posts that have been published to Facebook via Lightful. If you have any questions about this, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

4. Head back over to Lightful and reconnect Facebook here.

5. You'll see a pop up appear, asking you to confirm some permissions. On this screen, click  Choose What You Allow.

6. On the next screen, make sure the Page you'd like to connect has a tick, click on next. When asked “What is Lightful Partners Platform allowed to do?” ensure that you have allowed Lightful to manage and publish to your pages.

7. Once you've selected the Pages you want Lightful to be able to manage, click  OK. The Page should now appear on the next screen, allowing you to connect it to your Lightful Publish account.

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