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I need help using Lightful
I need help with the story builder
I need help with the story builder
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Everyone loves a good story. We all know how powerful they are when used by charities and beyond-profits. 

This was the idea behind our Story Builder, which helps you manage a series of posts as part of a campaign. 

Use story builder to create stories which captivate your followers so you'll be able to raise more support and funds for your cause. 

You’ll need to follow these easy steps:

  1. Give your story a name

    2. Choose a colour, to help you distinguish it between other stories on your content calendar

      3. Select your social profiles 

       4. Select a template, if you want to use one

        5.  Click on Create button

You can choose to follow an existing best-practice template or to create and structure your own story. If it’s your first story or it seems like it might be a bit daunting, we’d recommend having a look at the short story template to get familiar with what we mean by storytelling.

      6. Scheduled all your storytelling posts

Your posts won’t be published until you’ve set your story live, so we’d recommend using this for future campaigns or events you want to publicise. This feeds into the idea of looking at your social media posts as a whole and not just on an ad hoc basis

     7. Click on Launch story

After the story is finished, you’ll be able to see exactly how it’s performed in analytics.

Need more information about? Here's an article about Story Builder on Lightful Blog.

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