What is BRIDGE?

The BRIDGE programme is our cutting edge educational programme

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BRIDGE (building resilience in digital growth and engagement) is our comprehensive and collaborative learning programme to equip charities with the digital skills and capabilities they need to become more resilient organisations with more impact.

With monthly live masterclasses and over 30 hours of learning content, BRIDGE is addressing the strains of increased regulation, budgetary pressures, and a lack of public trust while also facing an ever-increasing demand for their services.

We believe that technology is essential to transforming the non-profit sector. While larger charities have been able to adapt and thrive thanks to dedicated staff, relevant tools, and allocated funding, smaller ones lack the support and resources for their digital presence to do justice to their high impact and work.

If you're interested in learning more about BRIDGE, funding a group of charities or joining a BRIDGE cohort yourself then get in touch with us at support@lightful.com or chat with us via the live chat.

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