What is a learning module?

Find out what a learning module is; what it contains, how you access a them, and how to complete your different BRIDGE learning modules.

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The e-learning curriculum of the BRIDGE programme is split into four quarters, each designed to give you the skills and knowledge you need to develop and improve your digital marketing strategy. A learning module represents the focus area of each quarter. Each learning module contains a series of courses that have been created to help you reach your digital goals.

There are four key learning modules that form the e-learning curriculum of the BRIDGE programme are:

  • Fundamentals: courses that will help you establish the basics of digital marketing and engagement. Courses include; creating a digital strategy, setting SMART goals, Social media best practices, introduction to analytics.

  • Storytelling: courses that will provide the knowledge and tools you need to create compelling stories, and increase your audience engagement. Courses include; introduction to storytelling, how to start a newsletter, creating content out of content, internal communications, showcasing impact through storytelling.

  • Fundraising: courses to help you build all the skills you need to maximise your digital fundraising potential. Courses include; online fundraising best practices, creating brand guidelines, getting to the ask, using a CRM.

  • Insights & Impact: courses to help you make the most of the insight tools available to you, allowing you to better understand your audience, and measure the impact your digital strategy is having on them. Courses include; Introduction to paid advertising, awareness journeys, SEO, Google Analytics supporter journeys, creating usr generated content.

You can access your learning modules on Lightful Leaning, our learning platform where you can watch training videos, communicate with trainers and download additional resources.

To complete a learning module, you have to complete all the courses available to you within that module.

New learning modules are released quarterly (every 3 months) in your BRIDGE programme.

Need more information on learning modules, Lightful Learning, or the BRIDGE programme? Don't hesitate to contact us on support@lightful.com

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