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What is the hashtag generator?
What is the hashtag generator?

You create the content, we make the hashtags!

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You won't need to strain yourself thinking about hashtags for your posts. 

We all know how useful hashtags are for reaching new audiences, especially on Twitter. 

The hashtag generator feature can help you save time and be more efficient. It's simple, start creating your post as usual but before you schedule or publish just click the button. We'll automatically generate the most popular hashtags for you. 

Here's a handy Best Twitter Practice guide  to make the most of your tweets. 

Whilst this feature is great for Twitter, you can use it on any connected social profile. Hashtags are still important on Facebook and LinkedIn too! 

Hashtag Generator steps

  1. Create your content

2. Click on "Get hashtags" button

3. See hashtags related to your topic and click the ones you want

4. Hashtags are automatically added to your post! 

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