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How can I connect my social profile?
How can I connect my social profile?

Ready to save time managing your media accounts?

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To start using Lightful you'll need to connect at least, one of your social media profiles. 

Here're the current platforms we support:

  • Facebook: pages

  • Twitter: all profiles (personal and professional)

  • LinkedIn: pages

  • Instagram: get our latest update here 

Getting connected my social accounts

  1. Click on Organisation tab from Setting button on the left hand side bar

    2. Click on Social Profiles button

    3. Select and click on Connect Profile button of the social media account type you would like to link. 

What's happening next?

If you're already logged into the account you're willing to connect, as easy as authorise Lightful to link your profile. If you're not, you'll need to use your log in details. 

We will never publish anything on your behalf and we keep your data privacy seriously. We strictly follow GDPR regulations in order to maintain safe and secure your information. 

Once you finish setting up your accounts, your 30 days last previous post will be transferred and we'll analyse performance and create a performance report

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