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What is "best time to post" and how do I use it?
What is "best time to post" and how do I use it?
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Best time to post is now available within the Lightful platform. This is a feature that will help you to post your content at a time when your audience is most engaged. This means that posts created within the recommended time will receive more likes, shares and comments than if they were posted at a non recommended time.  

Lightful collects information about your audience's behaviours in relation to your posts. We collect information about the times your current audience has been engaging the most with your previous posts. We then use this information to highlight the best time to post for your organisation. 

You can access the best time to post feature when creating a post. Once you have created your post, click on the schedule button and select a date. Once the date is selected, you will be shown a screen with a time at the top and a chart underneath.

The recommended time to post will be highlighted in the chart in yellow. Click on the yellow segment to post your content within the recommended time. This will be reflected in the time at the top of the window. Here's a handy video

Best time to post is there to help you to have a higher level of engagement on your posts, however it does not mean that this is the only time that you can post. This just means that you may not get as many engagements on a post if published at a time that has not been recommended. 

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