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I have questions about the BRIDGE programme
What courses are on the BRIDGE programme?
What courses are on the BRIDGE programme?

See an overview of the e-learning playlists you will be able to take as part of the BRIDGE programme.

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We have structured the on-demand e-learning syllabus into eight playlists to help you become more resilient. See below a taster of the type of content offered Lightful Academy:

  • Fundraising Online

  • Growing your online presence

  • Measuring impact

  • Investing in digital

  • Social media tips and tricks

  • Storytelling with impact

  • Using digital tools

  • Understanding your audience

You can access your learning playlists on Lightful Academy, our learning platform where you can watch training videos, communicate with trainers and download additional resources.

Need more information on learning modules, Lightful Learning, or the BRIDGE programme? Don't hesitate to contact us on

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